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Tardigrade Psychological Services, LLC, helps patients survive emotional challenges and thrive in their business, sports, and personal life.

Experienced clinical and sports psychology specialist Heather Goldberg, PsyD, is one of a select few clinical psychologists in the Bluffton, South Carolina and TriBeCa, New York, New York. Dr. Goldberg excels in treating anxiety, complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression.

Tardigrade Psychological Services, LLC, patients rely on Dr. Goldberg for expert care. She helps clients develop psychological tools to maximize their potential, build resilience, hone determination, avoid burnout, and recover from mental fatigue.

Dr. Goldberg completed her clinical psychology degree at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California. She served in the US Navy as a clinical psychologist, specializing in supporting sailors struggling with PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders.

While in the Navy, Dr. Goldberg organized, planned, and led several joint task force humanitarian medical missions around the country. She helped service members improve their morale, mental toughness, and resiliency through effective stress management, confidence-building techniques, and leadership style development.

After her military service, Dr. Goldberg continued her education with a master’s degree in organizational change management at the New School in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York.

At Tardigrade Psychological Services, LLC, patients gain crucial resources to help better themselves and achieve mental wellness now and for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Goldberg accepts new patients at Tardigrade Psychological Services, LLC. Call the office or click the online appointment request button to get started on your mental wellness goals now.