Sports Psychology

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Sports psychology gives you a toolbox from which you can draw to help you sharpen your skills and reach new heights in your golf game or other sport. At Tardigrade Psychological Services, LLC, experienced sports psychologist Heather Goldberg, PsyD, has extensive experience helping athletes reach their potential. She offers personalized sports psychology sessions through telehealth and in Bluffton, South Carolina and TriBeCa, New York, New York offices. Call the office now or use the online appointment request to get started.

How is sports psychology different from regular psychology?

Sports psychology helps you achieve performance goals in your sport. Many famous golfers, football players, and basketball players work with sports psychologists today.


With sports psychology, the focus is on your particular sport and how you can train your brain to make changes that help you achieve the best possible performance. 


General psychology treats your whole life, while sports psychology focuses on athletic development and performance.

How can sports psychology help with my golf game?

Sports psychology at Tardigrade Psychological Services, LLC, can help you reach new heights in your golf game and personal life. The benefits of sports psychology include:



Focus plays a significant role in golf performance and success in other sports. Dr. Goldberg helps you improve your focus, quiet the extra noise, and hone in on what you need to do to succeed.


It can be hard to relax when you’re under pressure to succeed. In major sporting events, you need to relax enough to do your best when everything’s riding on a few strokes of your club. Dr. Goldberg teaches you relaxation techniques that work alongside other strategies to help you succeed.

Boosting your confidence

Believing in yourself is just as important as other aspects of sports success. Dr. Goldberg teaches strategies for positive self-talk, overcoming impostor syndrome, and other confidence-boosting techniques.

Setting goals 

It’s hard to achieve goals if you don’t have those goals clearly defined in your mind. Dr. Goldberg guides you as you formulate and crystallize your goals so that you can lay a foundation for success.


In addition, Dr. Goldberg helps you hone your leadership style, which can benefit you both in your golf game and in your life in general.

How do sports psychology sessions work?

Sports psychology sessions are usually conducted through telehealth, where you’ll meet Dr. Goldberg in an online teleconferencing room. Sessions are face-to-face using a computer, smartphone, or tablet, so they’re remarkably similar to in-person appointments. You can attend teleconferencing appointments from home, in a hotel room, or anywhere with Wi-Fi.

In addition to telehealth and office visits, some athletes may benefit from on-course sessions (in-vivo). Please reach out to Dr. Goldberg directly for on-course sessions.

During your appointments, Dr. Goldberg helps you reach your best possible performance and supports you on your journey to success.

Want sports success? Get an extra edge by calling Tardigrade Psychological Services, LLC, or click the online appointment request feature now.